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Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Trimatacharya Bhashya - Samajika Vyakhya)

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Sri Gayatri Veda Vision is one of the leading Astrological Consultancies in the State of Telangana, India. It was started almost 35 years back. It is a Vedic Astrology & Research Organisation. It is run and managed by me, Namilikonda Vishweshwara Sharma, Sidhanti. I have a vast experience in the field of Astrology. My predictions with regard to Madhini Jyotisha (Predicting the Nature and Natural Calamities) are almost accurate. I have specialisation in the Medical Astrology and Varshaphal based system.

The Lord Sri Krishna is making me to write  writing Samajika Vyakhya of Srimad Bhagavad Gita, analysing Trimatacharya Bhashya. Bhashya of Sri Adi Shankara (Advaita), Sri Ramanuja (Vishishta Advaita), applying their principles to the present Socio Economic Conditions. Vast description of Karma Siddhanta. Some of the important articles extracted from it is posted in this website also.

You can always contact me with pleasure. Write to me with regard to any Astrological Queries. You can call me also.
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